Welcome to this growing collection of Peaceful Pictures by John-David Biggs.

They are the result of a natural response to living in the Kent countryside, where virtually every day nature and light weave a fresh dance of shape and colour. For some time now I've been sending one of these images every week to friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Increasingly I'm being asked for particular kinds of pictures, whether flowers, sunsets, meadows, seascapes, or pictures in black and white.

So here you will find the full collection, being added to almost every day.

You may print or forward any of these images for your personal use free of charge, and if you wish to buy a high resolution file or print just follow the appropriate menus.

You will also find a section devoted to Platinum Portraits, which are made using a plate-camera, natural daylight and the platinum palladium printing process. My subjects are usually in their 70's and 80's, though one sweet lady was 97, photographed just a few months before her death.